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To power flush or not to power flush that is the question?


Power flushing may be required if your system is slow to heat up, you have cold spots on radiators, the pump or motorised valves keep breaking down and need replacing, the boiler is noisy .The hot water temperature is poor.


What causes these problems in the first place?


There are many reasons, poor system design, poorly maintained boilers, pumping over of water from vent pipe to feed tank, old radiators that are not cleaned when fitted to a system or new boiler installed on a system that has not been cleaned. Leaks that are left unattended.Etc.


Most central heating systems have steel radiators, copper pipework and when you add water it results in a chemical reaction which creates iron oxide sludge. In severe cases this sludge can completely ruin a heating system, so it is vital that it is removed and ensure that it cannot happen again.


We use a Sentinal double pump valve power flushing machine to remove this sludge, we clean the entire system first, then we shut off all radiators, and clean them 1 by 1 with sentinel alkaline based sludge remover , we then reverse the process and dump the contaminated water to the drain. An inhibitor is then added to ensure future protection of the system.


Our prices depend on the size of the system, type of boiler etc. please call for a quote.


We give a 2 year guarantee on standard routine power flush.


Please note sometimes power flushing is not required, do not take just 1 persons word for it, get a second opinion if you can.


We can inspect your system and advise you if it is needed or not. So please contact us

07831680185 or Email Us